Only Allah (God) knows…

Remember, ultimately you can never ever control a situation. If you are meant to be with someone you will be, and nothing and no one can stop that. If you are not; then your heart will feel uncomfortable- you may see signs that this person is not good in character, or they’re not right for you, or not what you want.

And you know what this means in the crux of its message. It means that only Allah (God) is in control, only He can make things happen, only He knows what we don’t know. 

So be assured that He is protecting you, and that He will give you what you need at the right appointed time.  


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  1. Imran Ali says:

    At the end of the day I am at peace, because my intentions are good & my heart is pure.

    All good comes to the man or woman who knows the right ways to wait. God timing is absolutely perfect, questioning is unnecessary.

  2. Imran Ali says:

    Spritual Truth*

    You can lead a man to water, but you cannot make him drink. You can give a man knowledge, but you cannot make him think.

  3. meandyou says:

    beautiful! May Allah grant us patience to know what he knows

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