How can you tell the Hardship is benefitting you?

We all know that hardships purify us. They tear away the sins collated over the years from our hearts. But sometimes this can be difficult to see/understand when we are being tested.  

You were put in this specific situation for a purpose. Nothing happens randomly. No experience is in vain. And although we can’t control the hardship, what we can do is control our reaction to it. And this is something we will be held accountable for.

You know how to tell the hardship is benefitting us; when we are actually reaping in the rewards? It’s when we start to do deeds that have started to bring us closer to God. During the hardship we are turning to Him like we didn’t before. 

So don’t stop now. Carry on going. Others don’t need to understand your journey; it’s not for them. This is between you and God. 
Allah; The Most High, The Most Perfect, The Comforter & The Reliever of distress

La ilaha ilAllah ❤️


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  1. Imran Ali says:

    ‘In that moment I realised why tongues were caged behind teeth. Tongues, like all vicious creatures, need to be guarded.’

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