Why am I hurting? 

Why did I meet this person? Why did God put me through this trial? If they were to leave from my life anyway then why was I introduced to them in the first place?

See all this relates back to our ‘purpose of life’. God says in the Quran in Surah Ad Dhaariyat, verse 56, That He created us only for His worship. This is not to say we sit on a prayer mat all day/night but worship comes in numerous forms. 

But sometimes when we are let down/hurt by those whom we love/care about our world is shaken up. We experience heartache which is so deeply crushing. We fall apart. At this point we have no choice but to turn to God. 

Now we may feel confused, sad, angry at what’s happened, but think about this! If you hadn’t felt this much pain it wouldn’t have brought you to your knees, it wouldn’t have made you call out to God and realise your dire need for Him. It wouldn’t have made you turn back to Him. It wouldn’t have made you turn back to Him with your heart & soul. 

So through this pain, through this person, or through this experience He helped you…in fact He pushed you to fulfil your purpose in life! To worship only Him. 

La ilaha illAllah 🌸  


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