‘Freedom of speech’ is not the starting point!

For a long time we have heard the West harp on about ‘freedom of speech’; what it means, when to apply it/not to apply it depending on what suits the agenda.

Anti-hate speech legislations are put in place in order to protect people from discrimination, but when it comes to Muslims they cease to apply.

The media has a responsibility to report truthfully & without bias, but when it comes to Muslims this becomes quite the contrary.

Our government has a duty to protect its citizens from injustice, yet Islamophobia is fast becoming part of policies (CTS Bill).

If Muslims are expected to condemn the actions of a small number of extremists, then they should be able to condemn the corrupt foreign policies of the West without being labelled as ‘extreme/ radicals/ Islamists/ anti-West’ etc.

If Muslims are asked not to take offence by derogatory cartoons of their Prophet, then Muslims would expect there not be offence taken when Muslim women wear face veils.

If Muslims are asked to do more to ‘integrate’ into society, then Muslims expect their government to do more to prevent Islamophobia that is making integration difficult.

The double standards of free speech controlled by those in power against the powerless needs to be eliminated. There needs to be recognition that ‘Freedom of speech’ is not the starting point, rather respect and justice should be the starting point, and all go hand in hand.


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