Verily, the help of Allah is near…

Nothing is more deceitful than silence in the face of a people’s annihilation. Destruction doesn’t come from bombs and weapons but from lips that know the truth but refuse to move, genocide triumphs when pens that know the reality, but refuse to write!

Even the dead turn in their graves from the smell of the flesh of human blood, and the deaf cover their ears from the spine chilling screams of our sisters being raped, yet we play blind to the horrors of disfigured, blood stained limbs once called children in the streets of Syria…

Streams flowing from the blood of babies snaking through Aleppo, the cries of now childless mothers echoing in the night, the body count is rising with our martyrs every day. Syria is weeping! Wallahi! Syria is weeping! Ya Atfaal Ashaam, what explanation do I give as to why we look the other way when you scream out for our help!

Our hearts have hardened! Our brothers wear coats of blood and wounds, and our sister’s wear scars of rape; yet we are too drunk on self-righteousness to stand together, side by side. Ya Allah! Forgive us for abandoning the Ummah of your beloved Nabi (saw)! O Allah! Do not recompense the Ummah’s tears from us on Yawm Mid Deen!

Ya Aftaal Ashaam weep not, for your Lord has not abandoned you nor does He forget.

ayah 1 poem

Your Lord did not abandon you nor did he forget. (Quran 93:3)


ayah 2

They were touched by poverty and hardship and were shaken until [even their] messenger and those who believed with him said,”When (will come) the help of Allah?” Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near…..

Ya Aftaal Ashaam – hold strong a little longer…..Verily the help of Allah is near…


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