Iram is a healthcare professional who has a Masters in Financial management and Economics.  She is a part time counsellor for Muslim women, and political activist who advocates for the rights of the oppressed and those suffering injustice at the hands of corrupt Western Foreign Policy.

Iram has written several opinion pieces for political organisations, she writes poetry, as well as reflections on hardships/life, women empowerment, positive quotes, Islamophobia and is an author of a child abuse report for a prominent British child abuse charity.

Iram has travelled to various parts of Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia and the Far East on journeys to explore cultural history and to participate in humanitarian causes.


Those scholars who study the role of women in Islam will notice that throughout the different periods of history, women were actively engaged in every field of endeavour, be it politics, government, or learning. Women were not confined, as some have assumed, to mothering and household occupations.”

~Salah al-Din al-Munajjid     


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